Thursday, January 28, 2010


This picture of my phone says it all:

Of course it doesn't hurt that I added a little flare to it.

I can't believe I'm already on the downhill side of the pregnancy hill. It doesn't seem like it's been that long since we even found out we were expecting. Early on, I thought the first trimester was never going to end, but looking back I can see that I didn't have it all that bad. Yes, I could have done without the morning sickness, but I was never so delusional that I thought I could escape being part of the 75% of pregnant women who experience it. Luckily my doctor prescribed a magical little strawberry flavored pill that helped calm the nausea so I could consume food like a normal person.

I've been trying to think of all the really striking memories I've had so far, but there don't seem to be very many. I guess I'm just your normal pregnant girl. There's one experience I won't soon forget that I'd love to share, but it's actually a little gross ... not a lot ... just a little ... but I'll spare you nonetheless. If you find yourself bound by morbid curiosity, I'll be happy to share with you in private. It's hilarious, don't get me wrong, but I want to avoid leaving my blog readers with an "ew, gross" impression.

I'll also cherish the memory of Cory feeling her kick for the first time. I'm not sure it was all that impressive to him ... in fact, he may even doubt that what he felt was her. But soon enough I'll reach the point where there will be no question that it's our little girl he feels squirming around in my belly. I can't wait for that! I think it'll really help him feel connected to her and the pregnancy in general since he's had to more or less be a bystander thus far. I guess that's typical for dads-to-be though, huh.

I have an appointment with the doctor today so I'm excited to get an update on how she and I are progressing. I'm not supposed to get an ultrasound, but I won't be surprised if I do. Dr. Daum is just cool that way. If that's the case, I'm hoping for a really good shot to post since the last group of sonos weren't really much to look at.

Stay tuned!

Friday, January 22, 2010

SCORE: Me: 1, Surgery Center o' Terror: 0

You know what they say ... you win some, you lose some. But today I got the call that essentially said, "Sena, you won!"

You might remember my unfortunate surgery experience back in November. Well, once the medical bills started arriving, it turned out that I was responsible to pay almost $500 for the infamous emergency room visit that never should have been. I have been adamant from the beginning that I would do everything in my power to have the Mansfield Surgery Center, aka the Surgery Center o' Terror, pay these bills since ... well, let's face it ... it was their fault I had to go to the ER.

The process involved some administrative dude at the center "gathering all the necessary information" to present to the Board of Directors who then had to vote on whether or not to pay. After being put off for weeks due to rescheduled meetings, I took my seriousness up a notch and contacted an attorney. She advised me to send a letter the board outlining the following:

  1. I had consulted an attorney.
  2. I wanted to resolve the issue amicably.
  3. Time was of the essence.
  4. I would proceed with formal legal action if I did not receive an answer in 5 business days.
  5. I only wanted them to pay the bills I incurred as a result of their negligence; I was not seeking any additional damages (i.e. pain and suffering).
So that letter was written and faxed to the center in addition to being sent regular and certified mail. It took no more than half an hour post-fax to receive a panicked phone call from administrative dude. I honestly think he was testing me to see if I would be apologetic for taking such stern action or if I was actually serious. I stood my ground and made it abundantly clear that I needed an answer within the stated 5-day time frame. Mom and dad would be so proud!

Administrative dude informed me that a board meeting was scheduled for Thursday the 21st (which was yesterday), and he would let me know the decision first thing the next morning (today). I anxiously awaited the call which came around 9 o'clock. He said the board voted unanimously to "take care of it for me." Good job, that's the right answer! All I have to do is get them the actual bills I've received, and they will submit the payments. WOOHOO!! I guess a more accurate title for this post would be "SCORE: Me: $0, Surgery Center o' Terror: -$438.34".

So, victory is mine! At least for today.  And what's the lesson here kids? Calling a lawyer really does get things done faster.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Almost there

To the halfway point that is.  Today I am 18 weeks and 2 days pregnant.  According to my iPhone app, that is 45.7%.  I'm anxious for it to say 50% for some reason, which doesn't make sense because if I think about it ... I'm actually pretty anxious for it to say 100%.  But, I like to work in measurable goals, so 2 weeks is easier to focus on than 5 months. 

Here's a new pic of my Honeybun bump:

Note the adorable penguin pjs.  Thanks mom! 

I've more than outgrown my regular clothes ... especially all the ones in season right now.  It's getting uncomfortable wearing multiple layers all the time.  Hopefully spring will be here soon so I can start wearing fewer layers.  Although I'm not entirely confident that getting to wear fewer layers will in anyway make me more comfortable as my pregnancy progresses.  Am I wrong?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dogs are people too

Or, at least they think they are sometimes.  Our dogs not only think they are people, but also the first- and second-born children in the house.

Cute, right?

But sometimes children misbehave. 

I present Exhibit A.

And, the accused.

Do you think she's trying to tell me something?  Like maybe it's a full house and she doesn't want a baby sister?  I've got news for you, Marley, baby sister's coming whether you like it or not.  So you might as well quit eating mama's stuff because it's not gonna change the fact that we're making room for baby.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby steps

If you read my previous post, you obviously know I like to decorate.  Besides just being flat excited about the nursery, I'm also getting started so early because I often find that I don't have time to do a lot of crafty projects ... especially once the semester starts.  Although, this one will be easier since I'm only taking one class.  Hence, baby steps.  I'll do a little bit at a time as time allows, and by June, my baby's safe haven will be an interior decorator's dream come true!

Here's how things are coming.

We painted.  The walls got two coats ... and the carpet got one light coat right about there.......... 

Can you tell there was ever a paint spill?  No you cannot because the marks you see on the carpet are just strokes from the carpet shampooer.  I am so thankful we have one.

Cory put together the gliding rocker, and I finished the valance.

I am so happy with how it turned out!  Today, my mom got the box of coordinating fabrics I mailed to her and plans to get started on the bumpers and dust ruffle for the crib.  She's also going to make a matching quilt!!  Go mom!

And speaking of mail, I got this today...


Thanks, Angie!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Decorating extravaganza

I love getting to redecorate a room. I find a great deal of joy in getting to start with a clean slate (i.e. a completely empty room) and fancy it all up. I think this mostly comes from my tendency to be neat and tidy with everything nicely organized. It's easy to get there if you're building from the ground up so to speak. Of course, it's another thing to keep it that way, but that is an entirely different blog post.

So the time finally came when Cory and I could start thinking about decorating the nursery since we found out we're expecting a girl. I joked with him that I'd dreamed more about one day decorating my nursery than about my wedding when I was a little girl. I don't think that is completely true, but I'm not that much into fairy tales so there wasn't a lot to dream about when it came to visions of my wedding. I pretty much knew what I wanted and how to execute it. But, I digress. Back to nursery talk!

Several factors were in place to make it possible to get going on the nursery. First, I'm between semesters in school so I have no academic pressures looming overhead. Second, even though Cory is in class right now, he was caught up on work and could afford to shift his focus for the most part. Last, I took New Year's Eve off in addition to being off New Year's Day so we had a nice long weekend to be handy around the house. It also didn't hurt that we decided on fabric to make the bedding from which impacted how we planned to paint. (I really should add here that by "we" I mean "I" because Cory left the fabric picking to me since discovering that he's getting a daughter instead of a son. He basically hates pink, and I couldn't promise him that I'd be able to find something I was happy with that was completely devoid of all shades of pink. So we compromised. I got to pick whatever I wanted for our daughter now, and later, when we have a son, he gets to design a jungle nursery complete with a huge tree mural. So there you have it.)

So with fabric swatches in hand we headed to the store to pick out paint ... a scary undertaking as Cory and I have a history of being poor paint picker-outers. I had a hard time communicating exactly what it was I pictured in my head. It was definitely two-toned with a darker shade under a lighter shade of the same color and white chair rail separating the two. I wasn't happy with any two shades of any one color to really go that route so we had to be more imaginative. We decided to use one color from the fabric, in this case green, as the bottom half of the wall and, well, another color from the fabric, but just a toned-down version - a very light yellow. After making the guy at the paint counter wait while we thought about it "one last time," we finally just said, "Mix it before we change our minds." Apprehensive as we were, Cory and I crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. And the best was better than we could have ever imagined!

It looks GREAT! ... if I do say so myself. :) The whole project really didn't even take all that long except for waiting on the chair rails to dry after painting them with oil-based paint to match the door and window frames. Man, that stuff is messy and takes ages to dry completely. Not a good combo for the two of us who tend to get a little impatient with weekend warrior projects. Cory handled the yellow since it required a bunch of climbing up and down the ladder, and I took care of the green. Those two were knocked out in the matter of a couple of hours minus the inevitable touch-ups from nailing up and caulking the chair rail. Once it was finally nailed up, we quickly wrapped up all the little odds and ends to make the whole room look perfect. And then catastrophe hit.

Ok, quick background story to help you understand. Prior to becoming a nursery, this particular room was Cory's man cave. He had started painting a huge ... and I do mean HUGE ... mural on one wall. Even though he had taped it off around the other walls, some paint still managed to bleed under the tape as we know paint has a tendency to do. Therefore, there were some spots on the ceiling that needed to be touched up. When we bought the house, the entire place was painted with flat eggshell water-based paint so that's still what covers the ceilings in all the rooms we've painted thusfar. Luckily, the contractors left a quart behind so it wasn't a big deal for us to crack it open to do these touch-ups. Cory used a plastic paint tray to poor out most of the water so that he was left with a slightly thicker concentration of paint. Ceiling got fixed in a flash and all that remained was cleaning up the few tools left in the room and that plastic tray of tinted water.

Cory leaned over and carefully started to pick up the tray when it suddenly cracked. Paint started to pour out onto the carpet, and I panicked! My perfect, clean slate was being tainted! Cory quickly sat it down on a nearby plastic sack and I ran to get something to clean it up with. The first trip took me only to get a towel and the Resolve. Cory was quick to point out that a trash bag would be helpful or it was just going to continue to ruin the carpet. Good thinkin', babe! So I ran back to the pantry, got a trash bag, ran back to the nursery, and we scooped up the plastic tray and sack full of paint. My single towel and dwindling stock of Resolve was no match. I had to break out the big guns ... the carpet shampooer.

It took some time, but I think it's gonna be ok. I checked it this morning, and while I know paint was spilled there, it's likely that no one else would ever notice ... especially the baby. I guess it's fortunate that our carpet is also eggshell colored so at least the paint matches it. :)

I have fabric cut out to make a curtain, which I'm about to go work on right now (or at least after I eat some delicious chicken and dumplings), and as soon as it's done, pictures will be posted (at least one anyway) for all to see. It's a pretty easy pattern so I anticipate it being finished this evening. And if that's the case, I might just have another double-post day!