Friday, December 16, 2011

20 weeks down, 20(ish) to go!!

I cannot believe I'm already halfway...or likely more than halfway...through this pregnancy!  I say "more than halfway" because my doctor already predicts I won't go 40 weeks.  I'm cool with that.

I missed the post from the last doctor's visit before Thanksgiving, which is kinda sad cause it was a big one. I had a sonogram to determine gender and found out we're having another beautiful little girl!  I'm stoked to say the least.  Cory is...well...going through the ordinary stages of grief.

Denial - "The whole baby is the size of an can they possibly tell there's not a tinker down there???"
Anger - "But I did everything the Internet said to make sure it would be a boy, gosh darn it!!!"
Bargaining - "Maybe someone else will be having a boy who really wants a girl and we can just trade."
Depression - "I'll never have anyone to play catch with or teach how to arm fart."
And finally, Acceptance - "I guess another girl isn't so long as she's fun like Savannah is." 

I'm already starting to envision what it'll be like in a few years when they're both bigger.  They'll share a room with bunk beds, we'll have salon parties and fix each others' hair and nails, and they'll be the best of friends (some of the time anyway).  It's gonna be so fun!

Yesterday I had a regular appointment, my first without a sonogram, and everything checked out perfectly.  I was measuring exactly 20cm and her little heartbeat was strong and content-sounding.  We (my doc and I) discussed the results from my bloodwork for the quad screening I'd done the time before, and I'm happy to report that all of those numbers were great.  And that was all she wrote for the 20wk appointment.  I'll have another sonogram at 28ish weeks where they'll check all of "her" anatomy and Dr. Daum promised that he'd do his best to try and locate a penis for Cory's sake. ;-) 

While I'm updating, I don't want to leave our first little miss out.  She had her 18-month well check last week and her doctor was very pleased with her growth and development.  She's right in the middle of the pack on weight and height (24 lbs, and...I can't even remember how tall).  Her vocabulary grows every day it seems and she's just getting too smart for her own good.  She's also really starting to get that little defiant toddler 'tude.  As I write this, she's in her room pitching the slightest of fits because she doesn't want to take a nap. Little stinker.  Guess it's all just part of being a parent though.  I've been learning those lessons in abundance here lately, but will keep the details possibly for a different post.

Again, one of these days I'll remember and find the time to take a belly pic to post with all these pesky words.  I mean, who likes books without pictures, right?