Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Eight months

In honor of the Super Snow Bowl of 2011, Savannah donned her most festive fleece attire for this month's picture.
February 2
Since last month, this little girl is quite literally all over the place.  Her army crawl is perfected and now she's pushing up more onto her hands and knees.  I think the fireplace has some sort of secret gravitational property that only pulls babies toward it because it's the first place she heads when she's playing in the floor.  Can't leave her alone for a second or she'd surely be covered in soot.

Savannah also took her first plane ride about 2 weeks ago to go visit Gamma and Grrdad.  The flight to Amarillo was pleasant.  She entertained the sweet woman who sat next to me and didn't fuss at all.  The flight back to Dallas on the other hand, was a nightmare.  She was so tired and desparately needed a nap, but she is completely unwilling to sleep when there are new and interesting things to look at.  The exhaustion resulted in a meltdown of epic proportions midway through the flight.  To any random reader out there who may have possibly been on flight 324 that day, I am sorry you had the unfortunate luck of sharing that cabin with us.  She finally fell asleep a few minutes before our final descent.  Insert overly dramatic sigh of relief here.

On the subject of eating, she enjoys finger foods so much that she hardly has the patience for me to spoon baby food into her mouth any more.  Definitely got that I'll-do-it-myself personality trait.  Who knows where she got it from, though. *wink*  If she ever cuts some teeth, I'll be able to give her more options, but we're still waiting for that day.  And, unrelated to eating, she's really started reaching for people...me in particular.  She's a little bit of a Momma's girl right now to say the least.  I don't mind one bit! :)

Our baby girl is growing up too fast.  Believe it or not, I've already started contemplating her first birthday festivities because it will be here before we know it.  In the meantime, however, I'm enjoying watching this little person be who she is...our mostly happy and giggly but occasionally moody first-born.