Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

1 month

Happy one-month, Kinley (just a few days late)!

This is gonna be a quick post since both kiddos should be waking up soon.  But that's ok because truth be told, one-month-old babies don't do a lot that warrants reporting.

The moment Kinley was born, we noticed how much she looked like her big sister, and the similarities don't stop there.  Like Savannah, Kinley is a pretty laid back kid...only fussy if she's hungry or gassy (which is often).  She eats like a horse...already taking 4 oz every 3 hours.  I'm not sure how we're going to afford to keep feeding her at this rate. She'd gained more than 2 1/2 lbs weighing in at an even 9 lbs on the day she turned 1 month.  Not surprising given her food intake.  She's a great sleeper at night, usually making it at least 4-5 hours...occasionally 6...before waking up to eat.  And she LOVES to be swaddled (thank you Jesus!).  Even during the day, it's the only way she'll sleep for any length of time without fidgeting herself awake. 

One of the only real differences I've noticed between her and Savannah is that she hates the newborn boppy pillow, swing, and bouncy seat...all of which were huge hits with big sister.  But that's ok...there are lots of arms around that like to hold her. :-)

But, alas, I hear squawking in the other room...that would be Miss Piggy hollering for some grub.