Saturday, September 26, 2009

Looking back

Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of buying our house and moving to Mansfield. Man, how time flies! During my reflections of the past year, my desire to be an avid blogger was revived. Thus, Being the Bakers is born.

At the present time, I am not going to chronicle all of the events of the past year in great detail, but I will provide a quick snapshot ... no pun intended ... of who we are.

So here are some graphical representations, in no particular order, of us ... being "The Bakers."

In Las Vegas for the wedding
celebration extravaganza.

This is how we roll.

Vegas, baby! YEAH!

In Austin for a wedding shower/scavenger
hunt for our dear friends Chance and Mamie.

The Bakers would not be complete
without feline Baker, Lucy ...

... and canine Bakers, Marley and Bandit.

At Splitsville with friends.

Halloween 2008 - the Haunted

Adding some artistic touches
to the house.